The Value of Appreciation

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Appreciating your employees is one of the keys to business success. Studies have shown that happy employee’s produce higher quality work, treat customers better, and are more likely to stay at their jobs. Employees who feel valued will continue to grow and deliver success to your business.

However, you may not always know if an employee feels valued or not. Below will help define if employees are feeling their value. It is important to know the differences between happy and just existing employees. This article touches on how employee’s feeling of being valued can shift to burnout. Continue reading “The Value of Appreciation”

What is the Difference Between An Employee & An Independent Contractor? 

Employee vs Independent contractor

When you have anybody who works for you there is always paperwork involved. Tax forms, contracts, non-disclosure agreements … the list goes on and on. But there are rules on how you pay that person and what paperwork you need to collect. Continue reading “Know The Difference of An Employee & An Independent Contractor”

Can an employer Terminate Employees Who Are Scared to Return to the Office?

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That All Depends

“If the employee is just generally scared of the virus, the employee is unlikely to have a legally defensible excuse for refusing to work,” said Janell Stanton, an attorney with Wagner, Falconer & Judd in Minneapolis. “In that case, discipline including termination may well be appropriate.” Continue reading “Can an Employer Terminate Employees”

The What & WHY of an Employment background verification?

Organizational Assets & Values are only as strong as the people who abide by them

With that being said, most jobs or careers it is vital that employers check out their job candidates. A resume and applicant can state anything they choose, so it becomes pivotal to look a bit deeper.

Background verification is a process in which many organizations undertake to review the information provided by the candidate when hiring. This includes a variety of checks that the employer will pass through your education records, past employer details,
identity verification, criminal offenses and address verification. Depending on the nature and extent of the background requested by your prospective employer, an average employment background check will generally take two to four business days to complete. Continue reading “Background Checks”

14 Financial Planning Tips to Act on Before Year-End

The window of opportunity to trim that 2020 tax bill, save for retirement and leverage strategies to secure your financial future is closing. To help you make these moves before it’s too late, CPA financial planners with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) share the following 2020 year-end tips.

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Oregon Emergency COVID-19 Relief Program

Emergency Checks

The Oregon Legislature has approved a $35 million program to provide financial relief to Oregonians who may have experienced economic hardship due to COVID-19. Oregon is partnering with the private sector to deliver one-time, $500 emergency relief payments. You may be eligible for this payment if you:

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