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What Makes Us Special

John A. Warekois accounting firm offers a variety of CPA and financial services from CFO services, Human Resources, bookkeeping, to personal and business tax returns.

Financial Planning

Professional advisement on, but not limited to, portfolio and investment management, retirement and pension planning, estate and trust development, and college savings plans

Human Resource Services

Risk Assessment meeting that will cover a myriad of federal/state compliance areas, such as policies/procedures and practices, recordkeeping, and reporting

CPA Consultation

Initiate a financial structure for essential financial reporting, construct strategic planning of capital asset renewal and replacement reserves, identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with the goal of evaluating the overall “health” of the company and evaluation of debt management, investments, and tax incentives

Payroll & Bookkeeping

Establishment of quality payroll and bookkeeping services which includes QuickBooks data migration, assessing general ledgers for month-end balances, Quarterly and Annual tax filing, direct deposits, and employee benefit plans


Comprehensive data analytics provides value and benefits for an entire organization, not just for tax purposes. Throughout the analyzing process, we will have the opportunity to review/implement Operational Management Analytics, Daily Operations Analytics, and Strategic Data Analytics. This will give us a better understanding of the reconciled information to further report or enhance results, detect any anomalies, and to gain a sharper visualization of the collected data.

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Why Choose John as your Financial Advisor?

  • John’s knowledge of tax law means that he will lower your tax liability while giving great investment advice. 
  • Because John is already helping you with your taxes he already has a good picture of your finances making him better equipped to give you the best financial advice for your situation. 

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From initial Tax Preparation to long-term planning and investments, we here at the John A. Warekois Team assist our clients throughout their financial lifetime.

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