Develop Your Business Program

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Develop Your Business Program

Comprehensive Review of Previous Years

This will allow our team to perform a detailed review of the results of operations, such as payroll, compliance, bank reconciliation accuracy, and balance sheet adequacy, to better understand the overall financial health of your business.

CPA Consultation For Tax Preparation

Either in person or virtual meetings with your dedicated CPA to initiate a financial structure for consistent financial reporting, construction of strategic planning of capital asset renewal and replacement reserves, and evaluation of debt management, investments, and tax incentives. These meetings can reoccur as needed or quarterly to further ensure complete clarity of all business or personal transactions.

Human Resources

A consultation and evaluation of State & Federal Employment Labor Law Compliance, employee performance management, as well as, recruiting planning and retention strategy. We will also have meetings as needed, throughout the year, with your dedicated HR representative to continue to monitor compliance areas, such as; policies/procedures and practices, recordkeeping, and accurate reporting.

Payroll & Bookkeeping

Your dedicated team member will assess a realistic timeline for a “catch-up” of financial records (if needed) while integrating any existing QuickBooks accounts. They will review payroll and bookkeeping records, such as any prior payroll tax reporting data, bookkeeping, and beginning balances, any/all open or outstanding invoices, updated chart of accounts, month-end balances, and general ledgers. We also offer QuickBooks training, on-site, if needed.


Comprehensive data analytics provides value and benefits for an entire organization, not just for tax purposes. Throughout the analyzing process, we will have the opportunity to review/implement Operational Management Analytics, Daily Operations Analytics, and Strategic Data Analytics. This will give us a better understanding of the reconciled information to further report or enhance results, detect any anomalies, and to gain a sharper visualization of the collected data.

Not Just A CPA

John A. Warekois is NOT just a CPA. John’s extensive background as a CFO has given him the skills to help others when it comes to business strategy. Learn how to develop your business with the confidence that you’re doing it right. John’s CFO skills can help your business!

We all live in a virtual world. That means John can work with anyone, anywhere to develop their business.

Review & Consultation

Assessment of Previous Years

Compliance Monitoring

Human Resources


Payroll & Bookkeeping

Data Migration


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